SecuSUITE for Samsung KNOX (SS4SK) – Secusmart’s latest solution for authorities – turns your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet (SecuTABLET) into your personal mobile Fort-Knox.

Hardware crypto solution for encrypted telephony, platform and data security.

Available on modern premium Galaxy Knox smartphones and tablets.

SecuTABLET – the safest tablet in the world.


  • Not just secure voice and messaging

  • complete secure work environment

  • also for data / documents / editing

  • Platform-safe complete system

  • Uncompromising safety

  • Hardware-based encryption

  • Telephone user oriented (Tel.No. = ID)

  • Own App Store – SecuSTORE

  • PIM / DATA / Work apps

  • Your app as a secure work app

  • Data / documents safety also in progress.


  • The encryption takes place in the crypto card (Secusmart Security Card – SSC) and not in the phone!

  • Encryption of data in transport, in rest and in use

  • The solution is easy to use and does not require special training.

  • Excellent voice quality, no delay, no difference to normal phone calls.

  • Preventing data leakage by separating business and personal apps.

  • Full mobility – despite strict separation – easy and comfortable working!

  • Special bespoke SecuSUITE apps.

  • Break-Out to: PBX, Conference, Landline, Secure Landing

  • complete work environment PIM / DATA / editing.

  • available on: S7, S7 (edge), S8, S8 +, S9, S9 +, Note 8, Tab S2, Tab S3, Tab Active 2.


VS-NfD of the BSI (DE) – SecuSUITE for Samsung KNOX SecuTABLET has already been granted provisional approval from the German BSI.

SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox COMPLETE aaS

Whether company, authority or VIP

You want to start using SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox / SecuTABLET immediately without having to invest in back-end infrastructure?

Start with SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox COMPLETE as a Service


  • Platform security complete system.

  • For voice AND data.

  • The end device is also secure.

  • No investments in own backend infrastructure.

  • Same structure, same infrastructure as delivered to authorities.

  • Easy to use as a service.

  • Secure work apps and separate secure work email.

  • Galaxy Knox devices to your liking

  • including SSC, ready made and delivered by ICSL.

SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox On-Premise

Do you want to get the complete infrastructure for SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox inhouse?

ICSL gladly offers you an on-premise solution.


  • Server / infrastructure in your data center.

  • Completely under your control.

  • Independent administration of your accounts / users.

  • Any connections possible.

  • Own independent SecuSTORE.

  • Your own secure apps.

  • Special apps such as military apps for troop management, command control, etc.


  • Own crypto / PKI possible.

  • SecuBRIDGE – secure Conferencing Server

  • Break-Out to PBX

  • Break-Out to TETRA, BOS