There are no solutions on the market that offer guaranteed, verified, documented security in this form. Governments are putting a lot of effort into checking and approving solutions for use for classi- fied information. Why should companies settle for less?

That’s why there are only government solutions at ICSL – also for corporate customers and VIPs!

For all solutions offered, ICSL has built the complete backend infrastructure that is otherwise delivered to governments on-premise and operates this infrastructure as a service for all customers. All you need is your mobile phone, the Appstore app, and access to our infrastructure.

Rely on the repeatedly verified security of our solutions! Sales promises are too few! There are many solutions but only a handful of solutions that may also be purchased and used by authorities themselves.

The solutions we offer are in use by governments, top-tier management and VIPs worldwide. Is a solution also in use or is it just marketing? A look at the google playstore under “Number of downloads” explains everything …

The specialty of ICSL is that we are happy to design your solution for secure communication and authentication with you. Although our “assortment” of basic solutions covers a very large percentage of customer requirements, if your needs are more specific, we will surely find a solution for you! Talk to us!

Our “basic solutions” for tap-proof voice and data communication
for public authorities, companies, private persons.

By far the best voice quality and connection stability among all premium solutions available on the market. Many call features possible.

SecuSUITE for Government also offers “as a service” from ICSL with extensive additional features without investment in backend infrastructure.

Offering secure language and data, this solution is the only solution in the world to provide platform security on a COTS device and all of them are checked by the BSI.

ICSL is the only company in the world that offers a hardware based crypto solution as a service.