• Unique crystal clear voice quality

  • Outstanding stability

  • Highest security

  • As simple as a normal phone call

  • Safely accessible under your telephone numbers

  • Instantly available via app stores

  • Multi-platform: iOS, Android

  • GUI: DE, EN

  • Telephone directory usable

  • Bluetooth possible

  • Flexible – expandable as required

  • Savings in roaming

  • Self-administration possibility


  • Government solution usable worldwide

  • Available On-Premise or as a Service by ICSL

  • Stable language, even in bad network conditions

  • Communication with every other participant possible

  • Break-out to PBX, conference servers, etc.

  • Break-out to Landline possible, so every (unsafe) number worldwide reachable

  • Break-in: calls from the secure mobile device to e.g. a PBX extension


NIAP and Common-Criteria Certification – SecuSUITE for Government – is the only NIAP-certified secure voice solution. Certification is mutually recognized by 28 CCRA member states (including: Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, USA, Canada, Australia)

NSA-CSfC – SecuSUITE for Government – Approved by the CSfC program – Solution is designed to meet the requirements of the NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified program (CSfC)

Canada Secret – SecuSUITE for Government – Canada Governmental approval of Canada Secret under the SPfC Program – successfully completed Technical Proof-of-Service (T-PoS) with Shared Services Canada (SSC)


You no longer need a special device for SecuSUITE for Government, but you can use (almost) any iPhone, Android device – even a tablet.
Usage of BlackBerry 10 OS devices on request.

SecuSUITE as a Service


  • Immediately usable

  • No investment in server

  • No costs for connectivity, manpower, etc.

  • Flexible – from 1 account possible

  • Secure communication with each participant possible

  • Additional services possible

  • Affordable for everyone!


  • ICSL has built the same infrastructure as we would otherwise supply to government agencies – in ISO27001 certified data center in Austria, Germany, Switzerland.

  • Same structure as usual with authorities on-premise

  • No listening options – for anyone – not even for Sys-Adminis.

  • That makes a full-fledged authority solution!

  • Self-administration of accounts possible anyway

  • Secure communication with everyone on the system

  • And via additional features such as break-out any number can be reached worldwide.

SecuSUITE On Premise


  • On your servers in your data center.

  • Completely under your control.

  • Any connections possible.

  • Break-in from the secure mobile subscriber to an extension of your PBX

  • Simplest administration.


  • On virtual servers or on dedicated servers

  • Full scalability / failover

  • HA installation possible

  • client capability

  • Break-out to your PBX, conference,

  • Break-Out Landline possible, so every number can be reached worldwide

  • Break-out to TETRA, BOS