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We happily present the first authority-approved solution for tap-proof telephony on iOS (iPhone, iPad). A gap in the secure communication is closed now – iOS likers can leave a deep breath!

There has been missing a reliable and trusted solution for iOS. ICSL was pushed by customers again and again why ICSL can not recommend a solution for the iPhone, so you will find plenty of solutions on the Internet for “download” …

ICSL has evaluated various solutions for iOS in recent months and today we can present and recommend you SILENTEL by Ardaco in the latest version. The new Silentel solution has convinced not only in voice quality and stability, but also in terms of safety.
SILENTEL is the first encryption solution has been approved by an authority for use in an iPhone up to the classification level “RESTRICTED”. The solution is now also the NATO admission process. Of course, also the Android version is approved.
The reason for this admission is, among other aspects, that no information remains stored on the user’s device and so you need not worry about the security of messages, etc. It means that sensitive data on lost or stolen device can not be accessed because there are none on the device. In addition Ardaco has exhausted the possibilities of the platform security of iOS to the last detail, and also the implementation of the solution, shows the profound experience of Ardaco in creating solutions at authority’s level.
In addition Ardaco offers to hand over the source code to certified institutions for an independent evaluation, including documentation as per ISO 15408 (Common Criteria); costs to be borne by the requesting client.