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SecuVOICE or SecuSUITE are available for BlackBerry OS10 devices!

ICSL and its customers are happy that SecuVOICE or SecuSUITE are now available for BlackBerry OS10 devices. The solution can be seen as a real milestone in voice encrpytion and already received preliminary approval from BSI.

from now on you can secure voice telephony on BlackBerry Z10 with the Secusmart Security Card; not to mention that also SMS are protected and covered by the SecuVOICE solution.
a VPN connection can also be secured by the Secusmart Security card and in near future also files and certificates could be stored on the Secusmart Security card.
Using the Secusmart Security card for protection of data transport and data storage means double security because BlackBerry OS10 infrastructure is already FIPS 140-2 approved and works with AES 256 bit encryption; wherever double security is needed not a bad decision.
SecuVOICE and SecuSUITE are products of Secusmart and already have preliminary approval from the BSI (Federal Office for Security in Information Technology) in Germany for the classification level “VS RESTRICTED” (restricted).
BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES) up to v10 as well as BlackBerry device software up to v10 is already approved at NATO for the classification level “NATO RESTRICTED”.
sscMaking mobile communications secure – is that possible?

Tap-proof SecuVOICE communication with hardware encryption

Change smartphones and landlines to secret sources: With the Secusmart Security Card you can make secure phone calls in the best voice quality. SecuVOICE enables businesses and governments to protect their communications. With SecuVOICE you make tap-proof phone calls and SecuSMS encrypts your SMS.

Amongst the users who use SecuVOICE there is The German Confederation. (The system has become known as the “Merkel-phone”).

The core is the Secusmart Security Cardslider_smartcard_EN

The card combines hardware-based end-to-end encryption and cryptographically secured subscriber authentication.

Unique quality and simplicty

One of the major benefits (besides unreached crypto technology) is the easy handling and comfortable user interface of SecuVOICE.

Since 2008 ICSL GmbH & Co. KG is distributor for Secusmart in 28 countries. Together with its affiliated companies ICSL provides secure communications solutions of Secusmart plus local support and efficient services to governments and businesses.

  • Secured access to your business area
  • Encrypted transmission (e-mail, voice, text messaging, secure browsing)
  • Encrypted filing (data, contacts, notes)


Enjoy all the comfort of a modern smartphone.

In the personal area of the BlackBerry® Z10 you can access social media, chat, apps and music: without limit and to your heart’s content.

Enjoy the best possible protection for your trade secrets.

The business area of the BlackBerry® Balance System has extra protection through the Secusmart Security Card. Your trade secrets are always kept perfectly safe during telephone calls, e-mails, text messaging and data transfer.

SecuGATE_LV You want to manage your SecuVOICE (SecuSUITE) systems by yourself and also make calls to your mobile phone safe and also you want to hold secure conferences?All this allows the SES – Secusmart Enterprise Server, or the SES complete or the SES conference. All SES versions are only available as complete hardware and not as an appliance.

SES – Secusmart Enterprise ServerThe SES helps establishing a link between two SecuVOICE devices. SES also provides extensive security features regarding authenticating subscribers.

SES complete – SES for integration with PBXs (SecuGATE)Thanks to the specially created Secusmart server hardware with an integrated MKK card for encryption & decryption, you can secure your phone calls from mobile devices lead to the office.

SES conference – SES for secure telephone conferencesSES conference is a SES complete that is attached to a conference server.