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Configure individually

Via this configurator you can easily select the required features – please find feature description below.

  1. Select features, quantity (1 user = 1 license) and period (1year* or 1 month) – you cannot make anything wrong, only working combinations can be selected.
  2. Press Order and you will be forwarded to our Shop-Page.
  3. Everything is pre-filled in and you can simply check-out as guest or registered client.

* if you select 1 year – this means 18% discount in comparison to monthly payments.

Secure voice communication (V)
  • Enables voice communication between two participants (similar to a standard telephone call) in a special, secured mode.
Secure text messages (M)
  • Enables to send text messages with encrypted content, remaining confidential with the exemption of sender and receiver.
Secure file transfer (f)
  • Enables any file with any size to be sent with encrypted content.
  • In addition to sending standard documents and files Silentel client application offers to take a picture or video (using camera), record an audio and send it as a file to any recipient in an easy and simple way.
Secure chat conference (Ct)
  • Secure chat conferences between two or more participants.
  • Users in the chat are able to transfer encrypted instant text messages (chat), images, audio, video and all other types of files.
SMS notifications (s)
  • SMS notifications provide alerts about missed Silentel calls and received messages (via standard GSM SMS in clear) when user is not available on Silentel.
  • SMS examples: “Missed call on 01.01.2013 at 12:00“