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Secure Communications

Eavesdropping and industrial espionage does that really happen?

Unfortunately, the answer is – YES WE CAN. The damage to individual companies is often in the millions and more companies are being forced to take new countermeasures. Nowadays opponents neither are that charming like characters in movies nor do they have a face. Today companies are confronted with anonymous groups in “cyberspace”.

ICSL will assist in the selection and integration of state-of-art solutions for secure communication.

  • Individually according to your needs
  • whether smartphones via iOS iPhone, Android, Windows, BlackBerry or
  • landline integration
  • we integrate across system boundaries.
  • the fitting solution, for 2 individuals or for authorities requesting
  • TETRA / radio Integration
We are not discussing but acting!

Protection against eavesdropping of your voice and data availabe for your smartphone and/or PC

ICSL launches his campaign for secure communication, and against listening in the quiet time.

Protection is quite simple in handling – the one that is able to use Skype, is able using the solutions offered by us.
Anyone can protect from being listened at for EUR 30,-

Anyone can protect from being listened at for

  • *Voice only

And with our Configurator you can simply and easily configure your own individual secure communication package

You are protecting

  • Your PC by Anti-Virus-Programs
  • Your Servers by Hardware-Firewalls
  • Your correspondence by envelopes


Today the most modern and most secure solution is simple in handling and affordable for everyone. Therefore there is no excuse for not closing this infomation leak of telephony!

  • According to a study of the Austrian BVT (Bundesamt für Verfassungschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung) one in three companies has already fallen victim to an “unintended disclosure of information”.
  • An increasing frequency and simplicity of wiretapping and monitoring by governmental organisations and institutions is already noticeable. > Devices for wiretapping are in the meantime available for comparatively cheap prices.
  • Also, modern cell phones with their sophisticated equipment are vulnerable to attacks like direct bugging of your communication and reaching as far as activating the microphone without your knowing.
  • Everyone can be a victim of wiretapping – even in a small business or private conflict; not to mention routinely performed wiretapping by intelligence services.
Pie_ChartHave you ever thought about the costs of inefficiency and inflexibility in communication (besides the damages associated with information leakage)?

Because you cannot freely and safely access your regular phone with important content and instead you have to arrange personal meetings, thereby producing travel expenses and spending your valuable time on journeys?

And vice versa – how many savings could be achieved by site-independent, flexible and effective work?

Talk to us, we will help you identify these potential savings, and to provide an appropriate return on investment analysis for secure communication.