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Communications protection is not restricted to tap-proof telephony or systems for data and transactions security.

Inhibit radio communication during meetings

In your meeting room you want to be sure that none of the participants has switched on his mobile phone.

Detect if there are radios where they should not be

  • In your meeting room there should no other radio devices being placed or brought into the room (bugs); or
  • You just want ensure that there is no possibility of making use of tapping devices in your offices, cars etc.; or
  • You would like to check your environment to exclude any suspicion?
Detection Devices

To cover another important field of communication security ICSL is offering detectors for various purposes and of various makings, from pocket detectors to spectrum-analyzers.

 Detection Services (TSCM)

And of course ICSL is offering the service to have your meeting room screened by our experts.

Another possibility to cut off any radio communication (depending on wave band and field strength) is jamming the radio signals.

Different Jammers for business use

ICSL provides jammers of different makings and varieties, fully assembled, portable, for meeting rooms or for cars. With jammers you can prevent radio bugs transmitting, mobile phones functioning during meetings, WLAN-cameras making transmissions, Bluetooth-connections functioning, etc.*

* Attention: the use of jammers is regulated in telecommunications laws all around European Union. You are not allowed to disturb public telecommunication infrastructure with jamming devices. Additionally you have to be aware of power density issues; jamming systems can do harm to health and therefore should be in hands of professionals. ICSL needs to know the end user (end user declaration).

Jammers restricted to governmental organizations

On top of that, ICSL offers to governments and the military a great variety of jammers which are not publicly on sale: RCIED Jammers, Convoy-Jammers, GPS-Jammers, etc.