Physical Access with AGSES

///Physical Access with AGSES
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Physical Access with AGSES

With AGSES you can “enter” not just your computer or services but also buildings. Even today, we can provide an additional module that allows you to get (on the basis of the optical interface) biometric access control at the highest level. The procedure is the same as in the chapter “Login with AGSES” portrayed. With the slight difference that the code is generated by LEDs.


The advantages are obvious:

  • The user does not enter any biometric data on a central server or other units, but controls his biometry on his card.
  • In addition to the data protection aspect, this also means hygienic advantages in comparison to biometric installations at door positions.
  • One can define regions and users and user groups free and dynamic, where a biometric security level is required.


Info: With a new development of ICSL existing access control systems will then be enriched with the AGSES on biometrics technology (without additional optical readers) and the login times are far shorter, so then a deployment is possible anywhere without media breaks. Currently the card is equipped with an optical interface only.

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