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Biometric Authentication

In our digital age, everyone has to deal every day with different logins and passwords, digital IDs, and online transactions. The fact that the data are not always secure or that any of us can become victim e.g. of phishing attacks and that online fraud now is the most common form of crime (also in Austria) is well known. To date, however, it has been a shortage of versatile, highly secure, yet easily usable solutions.

Therefore we are proud presenting you THE solution – AGSES

Why biometric authentication?

Using biometrics for identifying human beings offers some unique advantages. Biometrics can be used to identify you as you. Tokens, such as magnetic stripe cards, photo ID cards, physical keys and so forth, can be lost, stolen, duplicated, or left at home. Passwords can be forgotten, shared, or observed. Moreover, today’s fast-paced electronic world means people are asked to remember a multitude of passwords and personal identification numbers (PINs) for computer accounts, bank ATMs, e-mail accounts, wireless phones, web sites and so forth. Biometrics hold the promise of fast, easy-to-use, accurate, reliable, and less expensive authentication for a variety of applications.
Unique – just like you and your fingerprints! – In the many uses of AGSES card, whether in money transfers and online banking, hedge your corporate infrastructure, or for databases, online shops, physical access controls, IT resources, and more.

The central connection between you and the various services is AGSES card. The AGSES card allows protect and verify your identity and verification of your transactions. AGSES combines the security of biometric authentication with comprehensive privacy and comfort.

AGSES Card – nothing else

In recent years scientists racked their brains over an efficient but simple user-friendly technology, enabling the verification of identities and ensuring transaction security. The result was the technology, consisting of several sub-systems, – it is called AGSES.

  • A unique patented combination of biometric authentication and multiple interfaces to the digital world enclosed in a dedicated token.
  • A high-bandwidth optical interface between the token and any kind of luminous screen display that allows a one-way communication from a remote server directly into the token.
  • A very compact and low-power implementation of the biometric identity verification.
  • A set of simple and user friendly protocols.
  • Combination of logical and physical access.
  • Realization of a user-centric identity management solution in a natural and privacy protecting way.
  • A simple integration of the AGSES System into existing server hardware and software.
For logging in with AGSES you do not need a password any longer.

  • Service calls (e.g. web or log on to your PC)
  • Enter the card number *
  • Flicker-code reading
  • Draw finger over fingerprint reader
  • Type in the password displayed on the display of AGSES card **
  • GO!


* This step can be omitted if you bookmarked the requested service with the card number or when the user name for logging in is connected with card number.

** This is a one-time password that becomes invalid after 30 seconds and cannot be used twice.


Info: currently the card is equipped with an optical interface. ICSL is working on a complete redesign of the card, which will additionally include more wireless interfaces which will mean a breakthrough for the simplified logical and physical access (building).

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With AGSES you can “enter” not just your computer or services but also buildings. Even today, we can provide an additional module that allows you to get (on the basis of the optical interface) biometric access control at the highest level. The procedure is the same as in the chapter “Login with AGSES” portrayed. With the slight difference that the code is generated by LEDs.


The advantages are obvious:

  • The user does not enter any biometric data on a central server or other units, but controls his biometry on his card.
  • In addition to the data protection aspect, this also means hygienic advantages in comparison to biometric installations at door positions.
  • One can define regions and users and user groups free and dynamic, where a biometric security level is required.



Info: With a new development of ICSL existing access control systems will then be enriched with the AGSES on biometrics technology (without additional optical readers) and the login times are far shorter, so then a deployment is possible anywhere without media breaks. Currently the card is equipped with an optical interface only.

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The AGSES Technology is used by banks for online banking. Selective and innovative institutions already rely on AGSES security and offer their customers a successful Login and secure transactions-signatures with the AGSES card. VIP customers are using their AGSES card from everywhere all over the world for secure online banking.


Highest transaction security

Thereby highest transaction security is guaranteed, because all information of the transaction is shown on the display of your AGSES card. Bank institutions and customers don’t have to worry about the usual problems with M-TAN or attacks by Trojans on mobile phones where SMS can be redirected.

Secure payment with AGSES

Furthermore transactions can be performed securely from any internet-device via internet and without any additional protective measures. Even if the internet device is full of viruses and Trojans a payment can still be accomplished from the right client to the right recipient. The accuracy of a transaction is shown on the display of the AGSES card, which exclusively communicates encrypted with the bank’s computer.

Each internet device can be used as a payment terminal.

Every fruit merchant or greengrocer is able to be an AGSES Acceptor without investing in any payment infrastructure; a simple Smartphone or an old computer with access to the internet is everything which is required. The customer can make secure micropayments via AGSES without inconveniencing the dealer.

No transaction costs for the customer or dealer

There are no transaction costs while using AGSES for payments (except of internet transfer costs) so neither the merchant nor the customers will bear any costs (except of usual bank charges)

Each AGSES card comes with an AGSES service package called “myAGSES”. This basic package guarantees high security in the digital world. Protect your documents, passwords and messages from unauthorized access with myAGSES – services.


AGSES users take advantage of following services:

  • Secure password-manager
  • Secure data storage
  • High secure password storage for your AGSES card (flickering)


In addition each myAGSES user can communicate with other myAGSES users by the following services:

  • Secure data transfer
  • Secure messaging
  • Secure sharing of information/files
The basic elements of AGSES infrastructure are:



The token is in the possession of the user and he has been connected biometrically with it.

The AGSES Card can manage up to 128 independent, cryptographically separate instances of authentication (authentication authorities).

FCG – Flicker Code Generator

Different methods are incorporated (in an environment) on the Frontend in order to represent a binary code by alternating light change. E.g.: Flicker-code on a screen of a webpage-frontend.

IL – Integration Link

Toolset is the procedure which integrates on the Backend in order to establish a secure communication-connection with the security manager.

AA – Authentication Authority

A key for authentication with an own authentication signature, which is shown on the card as a logo and which shows the user over which authority the authentication is done.

SM – Security Manager

The main part of the AGSES infrastructure, which generates and manages the individual keys for the managed AGSES Cards. The associated authentication authorities are also on the SM. A SM can manage several authentication authorities.

CM – Credential Manager

Infrastructure is used only by AGSES and for hosting and for distributing initial keys. SMS are connected via a secure connection to the CM and may reflect initial key cards, which were not registered at the SM. These initial keys are only for a first addressing of 128 crypto slots on the card and cannot be used by the SM anymore after the first utilization, because the SM invites an independent key, only the SM-known key on the card.

The Authentification with AGSES can be installed anywhere, for example in doors, from your computer and in computer systems, for payment terminals, on websites with online shops, online banking and much more is possible.


IL Toolset for Integration – quickly implemented

We are providing the IL-Toolset which can be used for the integration of the AGSES authentication, for example in your online shop for the transaction signature and orders via AGSES; secure and comfortable for you and your customers. IL stands for integration link.

IL Toolset is adequate

IL Toolset is adequate and includes a secure connection to a security manager hosted by AGSES. This security manager handles authentication requests and integration tools for frontend or backend. There are even more options for you.

IL Toolset – easy integration

In most of the use cases there is no deeper implementation expense required. You don’t need highly skilled IT-technicians or experts for implementing AGSES authentication, e.g.: in your online store, knowledge-database, intranet…

And if you still don’t want to integrate it by yourself…

We would be pleased to help you and offer a complete implementation for you

It is also possible to run your own security manager, which is not hosted by AGSES. This makes sense if you as bank for example would like to operate and administer authentication systems that work with your Core Banking together with your Core-Banking

Operating a SM is no difficulty…

SM stands for security manager and implementing an SM is not difficult. In any case you need the IL toolset and the software and licenses for the security manager; associated with the operation of the Security Manager it is essential that you have your own authentication authority that is operated via your security manager.

We would be pleased to assist you with planning and integrating

Of course we are available if you need assistance in the planning and implementation of SM or if you have special requirements…