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Did you know that Petronas Towers are 452m (1483ft) high and its foundation is 120m (394ft) reaching into the ground?

Security requires a solid foundation!

Make compromises in security is how to save the foundation of a building. Therefore ICSL rejects to offer things by halves to its customers and partners – ICSL only offers professional systems that meet the highest standards – certified and approved, of course!

But without comfort in handling, a solution can never be secure; users will always find a way not to use such solutions.

Information and communication protection are very sensitive issues and in the same time they are from utmost importance for individuals, companies and state authorities. To provide professional consultancy and protection in this field, a very personal approach is necessary, followed by best possible technical solutions with approved quality.
To rely on “secure” systems means to give the control over information security in the hands of such solutions; you would only do this, if you really can trust such solutions. Therefore we have a broad but selected portfolio of systems for communication and data and identity protection that meet highest security standards and are already in use at authorities that have made individual integrity checks and approvals.
ICSL integrates and adapts existing solutions to cover your needs. There are (almost) no boundaries in what we can do for your protection and convenience. You should work with those solutions every day; therefore they have to meet your needs of convenience too; security is not enough.
ICSL helps you save money – our solutions pay for themselves what we are also happy to analyze together with you. With the consequent application of our technologies there can be saved more money than your invest. We are happy to advise you personally!